The full cycle

At EuroChem, we seek to minimize the environmental footprint of our products, both during their manufacture and use. Product stewardship is defined as the management of the safety, health and environmental aspects of a product, which is to be applied in an ethically responsible way. Product stewardship encompasses the entire life cycle of a fertilizer: product development, raw material procurement, production, packaging, transport, storage, marketing and sales and advice on usage.

Securing fertilizer safety and efficiency across the value chain

The effectiveness of our fertilizers depends to a large extent on their quality, physical state and chemical properties. Maintaining integrity of our products at every stage of their journey through the value chain is therefore key to ensuring they perform as expected.
Careful handling, transport and storage of our products during manufacture and use also safeguards the health and wellbeing of our employees, partners, and customers.

As part of our Product Stewardship efforts, we have created a general Handbook that covers the basic principles of safe and efficient fertilizer handling. We encourage you to read it carefully — and keep it handy to refresh your memory.

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Please note that local EuroChem representatives might have this Handbook in other languages, as well as versions with data specific to local requirements. Reach out to your local EuroChem team to learn more.

We act responsibly

We are committed to the product stewardship program of Fertilizers Europe and the intrinsic values of the organization: sustainability, safety, health and environmental protection, customer-oriented research, integrity, free and fair trade as well as ethical behaviour. We act responsibly towards our customers, our employees, our neighbors and society in general.

Strengthening awareness

We organize regular advanced training sessions for staff and customers to raise the awareness level for responsibly handling health, safety, quality and environmental protection issues. We have well-developed safety principles, which are communicated to our employees and fully documented. Extraordinary events are recorded and reported to Fertilizers Europe.

Open dialog

When selecting our business partners, we take a close look at their standards on safety, quality and environmental protection. We support our customers in an effort to find safe, efficient and environmentally friendly ways for further processing of our products. We provide information about further advances and new developments in connection with our products and the technologies used by us.