EuroChem upgrades Kovdor water treatment facility

EuroChem announced today that it has approved investments in state-or-the-art water treatment technology for the heating and hot water supply systems at Kovdor’s co-generation power unit.

Total investments represent 8.7 million roubles.

Kovdor’s power plant and central heating facility currently supply heat and hot water to the town of Kovdor, as well as both the mining and processing units at Kovdorskiy GOK. Given the outdated technology employed, the water quality does not currently meet federal standards. The adopted investment plan will bring water quality in line with state guidelines.

Investments will be made in water processing equipment and the main to the heat supply and hot water supply systems. The central heating and power plant will monitor water usage and control the pH level along with the amount of dissolved oxygen. This technological upgrade will provide high-quality water by normalizing the acid-base balance and reducing chromium levels, by decreasing iron content and limiting the corrosion of pipes and heat and power equipment.

Work is already underway and the equipment is set to be launched in January 2012.

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