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As a leading global fertilizer company, we are driven by the world’s increasing need for food.

As the United Nations warns of an impending global food emergency that threatens to send millions more into conditions of hunger and starvation, EuroChem Group AG remains committed to fulfilling the world’s requirement for food, and ensuring that farmers around the world have continued access to high-quality crop nutrients.

Part of that commitment compels us to ensure that we are compliant with all relevant laws in all regions at all times. Our stringent internal and external compliance protocols ensure that we can continue to operate freely, and thereby continue to meet the high expectations of our various stakeholders.

“Thousands of farmers all over the world depend on us to supply them in a timely manner with the crop nutrients they need to get the most out of their land, so that they can feed their communities. We are glad that in this climate our detailed compliance procedures ensure we are able to maintain frictionless operations with all of our counterparties as we seek to help growers maximize their harvests.” Samir Brikho, EuroChem Executive Chairman

EuroChem Group AG is headed by Executive Chairman Samir Brikho, in conjunction with the Board of Directors.

EuroChem Group AG is a subsidiary of AIM Capital, a Cyprus-based entity under the control of Linetrust PTC. The Chairman of Linetrust PTC is Ronald Noble.

As announced by the U.S. Department of the Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) EuroChem Group AG is not, directly or indirectly, subject to any sanctions of the US or any other body, and is able to operate without limitations.

The OFAC statement was the latest in a series of commitments to free global fertilizer flows, with similar announcements published previously by the European Union and the United Nations (see useful links below).


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