Industrial products

Our vertically integrated business model yields more than just fertilizers. Throughout our production chain, our ability to synthesize industrial products adds depth, sustainability and value to our product portfolio.

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Feed products

Our feed products are an essential part of poultry, cattle and swine production as well as aquaculture.

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Mining products

We provide raw material mining products to many industries, including metallurgical, refractory, fertilizers and nuclear power generation.

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HSE industrial products

Our HSE industrial products are designed to make our lives safer, healthier and more environmentally friendly. Our range of products includes de-icing agents as well as reagents used for the treatment of wastewater and automobile emissions. A significant part of our portfolio is comprised of products used in oil production.

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We offer both LDAN and HDAN, two of the most widely used explosives in the mining industry globally.

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Industrial gases

We provide several gas products for a wide range of applications, from industrial (welding), to food (beverages and food preservation), to agriculture and medicine.

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Organic base chemicals

From adding flavor to food or making our homes more colorful, products such as acetic acid and its ethers are widely used and omnipresent in our lives.

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Wood processing

We produce a range of products enabling wood to be efficiently converted into useful consumer products.

Regional websites

If you are a customer seeking further information about our products, let us guide you to the relevant regional website.

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