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EuroChem Grows

Our new phosphate fertilizer complex in Brazil

Our new phosphate mining and chemical complex Serra do Salitre in Brazil will provide farmers with over 1 million tonnes of top-quality fertilizers every year through our established distribution network.

Our people

Nourishing talent, the EuroChem way

Around October every year, a group of around 150 gifted EuroChem individuals from several countries gather on the balmy Black Sea coast. They don’t know it yet, but some of them will go on to hold top executive positions within EuroChem.

EuroChem Grows

The story of our expansion into Brazil

The expansion of our distribution network into Brazil is a story of responsibly managed activity, with the concerns of the workforce and the health of the regional economy guiding our decision-making throughout.

Innovation, EuroChem Grows

Healthier and more plentiful rice from Thailand

In Thailand, farmers in the rice paddies of the north have to contend with a wealth of issues to deliver food to their communities.

From the farm

Knowing every inch of every field – the key to modern farming

Meet Šarūnas Šiušė. His approach to modern farming in Lithuania keeps consumers in more than 12 countries supplied with healthy, affordable grain.

From the farm

“I work with all my heart to supply people with healthy food”

The story from two farms in Belgium, which are adapting to the challenges of running a profitable business and keeping their communities supplied with food that is healthy, plentiful and affordable.


The Nitrophoska® story

Nitrophoska® – the oldest complex mineral fertilizer

From the farm

Sweet smell of success

From a Malaysian fruit farm, the whiff of reliable harvests


Innovation matters

We need to drive innovation, develop better products, and strive for excellence in all we do.