Partnering with our communities

Recognizing the value of strong social engagement, we see it as our duty to invest in communities where we have a presence, and to provide social and education opportunities for the people who live and work around our plants. From providing individual facilities such as ice-skating arenas through to planning and developing entire eco-friendly neighborhoods with essential healthcare and education infrastructure, our involvement in communities runs deep wherever operate.

Long-lasting community engagement means we:

  • Follow through on our duty as a major employer to make meaningful financial investments in communities where we operate
  • Maintain deep and long-lasting ties to local government and community leaders
  • Form constructive relationships with local media to ensure access to information and uphold community trust in our operations

Community relations

We recognize that a happy workforce translates into a healthy community. We actively reach out to our community stakeholders – local and national government, education and social institutions, local suppliers, NGOs and the media – through a variety of programs run by Human Resources and our HSE executives. This underpins our commitment to our communities, and underwrites our status as a strong and reliable local partner.

Open Days enable us to welcome the community into our plants.
Good health and fitness is encouraged throughout the company.