Agricultural products

From standard essential fertilizer and feed products to value-added solutions

We manufacture high-quality nitrogen, phosphate, potash and complex fertilizers as well as nutrient-rich feed products. Our premium products are engineered to keep their properties longer, guaranteeing an optimal supply of nutrients to plants throughout all growth phases.

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Nitrogen sulfur fertilizers

Sulfur is an indispensable nutrient for all crops and plays a fundamental role in healthy plant growth.

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Essential plant nutrition

Our essential plant nutrition products represent effective and reliable nutrient sources to promote healthy crop growth and yield.

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The stabilized mineral fertilizer for optimal nitrogen efficiency. Our ENTECĀ® inhibitor delays the transformation of ammonium nitrogen into nitrate, releasing nitrogen to the plants when needed for a more efficient fertilization.

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The urea upgrade for higher N-efficiency. By temporarily blocking the conversion of urea into ammonium, UTECĀ® effectively reduces nitrogen loss in the form of gaseous ammonia.

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High-quality complete plant nutrition combining all necessary nutrients for healthy plant growth in one granule.

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Premium N line

Our line of highly efficient enhanced nitrogen plant nutrition products.

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Premium NK line

High-performance compound nitrogen-potassium fertilizers to support optimal plant growth in high-phosphate soils or P restricted environments.

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Premium NP line

Advanced dual-nutrient fertilizer offering nitrogen and phosphorus with an ammonium component supporting phosphate uptake.

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Water-soluble plant nutrition

A range of water-soluble fertilizer products engineered to make fertigation even more effective. Our products offer considerable water savings and fixed fertilizer dosage for optimized crop nutrition, resulting in increased crop quality and yields.

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Feed products

Our feed products are an essential part of poultry, cattle and swine production as well as aquaculture.

Regional websites

If you are a customer seeking further information about our products, let us guide you to the relevant regional website.

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