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We do not separate the concept of workplace safety from other business. To be productive means to be safe, and to be safe means to be productive.

We embed a robust safety culture by integrating occupational and process safety into our productivity improvement program currently under way.

Our efforts are based on the simple principle that no one should come home injured from a day’s work at EuroChem.
As a leading global fertilizer company, we are vertically integrated, producing the raw materials for plant nutrition, processing the ingredients into final products, and transporting our fertilizers to farmers around the world.

Mines, factories and transshipment terminals are inherently hazardous environments. But no product is so important, and no plant is so vital to the company, that we would not sooner slow down or halt a production line than see a single person injured.

EuroChem’s Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) rules apply to all our operational sites, and all our employees and on-site contractors.
This is true for every imaginable work environment: From things as simple as holding the rail as we walk down a flight of stairs through to the detailed root cause analysis of a process incident, our HSE policy covers every anticipated situation.

And it’s true for every one of us: We are all safety ambassadors. Our managers are expected to lead by example; and those who report into them know that their career development depends on following that example and being examples themselves.

By analyzing our lost-time injury and process incident statistics, we know where and how most accidents happen, and where to focus our attention as we improve our production processes.

We take non-compliance seriously and sanctions exist for those found to have violated safety procedures. These include warnings, fines and even dismissal.

But experience has taught us that safety policy is the most effective where behave safely because we want to; where we look out for ourselves, and each other, simply because at EuroChem, we care.

We will be publishing more details of our commitment to safety in due course.