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20 years of growth

In the space of two short decades, EuroChem has transformed a handful of mining and fertilizer plants into a sophisticated network of extraction, manufacturing, blending and distribution facilities, today ranking among the world’s top five producers – top two by some metrics.

We have grown into a position where we are able to produce and deliver any fertilizer to any farmer, anywhere in the world. We stand for higher yields, better crops, and reliability.

Our growth story has been enabled by:

  • An expansive capital expenditure program supporting green
    and brownfield projects to grow out our raw material and
    production base
  • An operational efficiency drive to identify and eliminate
    weaknesses in the value chain
  • A program of timely acquisitions that have given us a strong
    foothold in key global markets
  • Regular and targeted upgrades of existing assets

Taken together, these factors have created a presence in more than 40 countries and
sales to over 100
. Our global workforce totals over 27,000 employees.

Our people are the backbone of our success and we are immensely grateful to them for
their hard work and commitment over the last 20 years.

See our photo book for a detailed walk-through of our assets and processes
– from mine to farm

Key growth indicators:

Sales volumes

2002: 4.8mmt

2020: 25.6mmt

Change: +530%


2002: US$0.1bn

2020: US$1.8bn

Change: +1800%


2002: US$0.02bn

2020: US$1.2bn

Change: +6000%

*(not adjusted for currency fluctuations).
Data available for 2002-2020 unless stated.

Production output at five
original assets:

2001*: 3.9mmt

2020: 7.9mmt

*Output figures from Phosphorit, EuroChem-BMU, NAK Azot, NEV Azot, Lifosa before they were acquired by EuroChem.

EuroChem today:


Customer base>20,000 in >100 countries

2020 Data.

EuroChem tomorrow:

As we proudly contemplate these milestones and remember the individuals and events that made our first two decades a success, we also eagerly look to the future.

In a changing world, we remain steadfast in our conviction that the importance of agriculture will increase considerably in the coming years. New technologies are appearing, and global priorities are pivoting towards societal and environmental issues.
For EuroChem to thrive and continue on its growth trajectory, we must continue to improve and innovate – focusing on what we make, how we make it, optimizing existing activities and channels and, ultimately, contributing to long-term sustainable agriculture.

The agribusiness is becoming a key industry in meeting these major challenges, so that future generations too will be able to prosper, while living in harmony with nature.

At EuroChem, our people will work tirelessly to meet these challenges as best as we can.

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