EuroChem provides employees with a variety of on-the-job training and assignments, feedback and coaching, as well as formal programs to build valuable knowledge, skills, and abilities for continued professional success. These programs help employees hone their skills in current roles, qualify for positions in other functions or receive additional responsibilities. EuroChem employees can pursue management or professional tracks, accompanied by learning opportunities and company-paid tuition.

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EuroChem Talent Pool (HiPo)

This program is designed to identify and fast-track high potential (HiPo) employees, providing opportunities for professional growth and career moves.

An intelligent, motivated, and efficient team brings the kind of competitive advantage that any company would dream of. We believe that high-potential employees should be fought for and encouraged to develop as much as possible.

The EuroChem Talent Pool (HiPo) program is global, covering all its divisions and spanning more than 25 countries. Our HiPo program provides the company with a pool of potential candidates able to fill key positions.


More than 1,900 employees from Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Lithuania, USA, Brazil and Argentina have already applied to the global program designed to identify high-potential employees.

Those selected take part in a corporate program for accelerated career development. This bolsters their core professional and personal competencies, helps them more effectively navigate the business and opens the door to greater cross-functional responsibility.

The development programs offered to the HiPo candidates provide an extensive grounding in business processes and advanced approaches to enterprise management, while also allowing employees to further develop their management skills.


EuroChem’s Young Professionals’ Convention

EuroChem’s Young Professionals’ Convention is more than just an occasion for colleagues from various locations to meet, it is also a forum that generates a lot of hard work and results! It encompasses strategic sessions to engage our managers and allows for a deep dive across our corporate talent development programs, while supporting discussions and encouraging idea generation. The Group’s geographical expansion has brought an increasing international dimension to our annual meetings. This has provided for an even broader outlook on many of the processes taking place within the company, taking into account even more opinions, and considering even more ideas. The Young Professionals’ Convention showcases EuroChem’s talent and energy.

EuroChem’s XIII Young Professionals’ Convention welcomed over 200 participants from across the globe to share experiences, scientific and technical achievements and to take advantage of several networking opportunities.  The four-day event was held in October 2019  in Sochi, Russia.

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