Air quality monitoring stations installed at Nevinnomyssk

Nevinnomyssky Azot, a EuroChem subsidiary, completed the installation of two air quality monitoring stations in Nevinnomyssk (Stavropol region).

The stations are designed to monitor air quality in real-time and stream the information to local authorities and community portals.

As previously announced, the stations will allow the company to comprehensively evaluate air quality and take appropriate measures to improve it. Anatoly Baturin, the Stavropol Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, highlighted that Nevinnomyssk is the first city in the territory where such stations have been set up.

The stations were installed in accordance with an agreement between the City of Nevinnomyssk, the Regional Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, and Nevinnomyssky Azot. The parties had earlier signed a declaration of intent on the implementation of air quality monitoring and pollution abatement measures in the city and the Kochubeyevo District.

Under the terms of the agreement, Nevinnomyssky Azot financed the acquisition and installation of three air monitoring stations and their auxiliary equipment at a total cost of RUB 2.8 million.

Given their small size (2.75 m х 2.4 m), the stations can easily be deployed to collect data from various locations.

The Ministry, in collaboration with Gidromet’s Stavropol offices, monitors atmospheric emissions from industry and transport in the Nevinnomyssk and Kochubeyevo districts and oversees the deployment of the air quality stations. The City of Nevinnomyssk provides security for the stations and ensures utility service connection.

Nevinnomyssky Azot purchased a total of three air quality monitoring stations; following the signing of a lease agreement, the third station will be setup in the Kochubeyevo District. The stations are scheduled to be brought online in April 2011.

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