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EuroChem announces new R&D program to improve fertilizers

The Company announced the launch of a new research program aimed at developing technology for processing comple­­x ores and increasing the recovery of valuable components from phosphate rock. This initiative will increase recovery by 10% and help the Company broaden its resource base.

The program will be conducted as part of EuroChem Phosphate University, which was established to develop expertise in phosphate rock, products and processing technologies.

The development of our phosphate fertilizer portfolio is one of our R&D priorities. Annually, EuroChem Group produces about 3.5 million tonnes of phosphate fertilizers, which accounts for 27% of total fertilizer production. The entire range of these fertilizers is in great demand by farmers globally. These fertilizers have a high content of easily soluble phosphorus (95%) and are used on all types of soils for all crops.

One of the main R&D goals regarding phosphate fertilizers is to increase the stability of production facilities using phosphate raw materials, as well as to develop modified fertilizers that will allow farmers to increase yields.

EuroChem Group President, Oleg Shiryaev:

“Our primary objective is to address the needs of farmers, who are now seeking more technologically-advanced and complex fertilizers that significantly enhance crop yields while reducing the detrimental impact on the soil. To this end, we are closely monitoring industry developments, analyzing key trends in fertilizer use and production, and studying technologies for the efficient extraction of valuable components from raw materials. Our products must be of the highest quality and anticipate the needs of our customers. We are already developing integrated solutions for agriculture that will shape the market in the next 10-15 years. Manufacturers will sell solutions with a clearly defined effect on crop yields, taking into account the properties of the soil.”

EuroChem’s R&D centers bring together more than 200 experts from around the world who conduct research to improve the recovery of useful components from mineral raw materials, model the entire production chain, from raw material processing to final products.

The launch of a new facility in Brazil with an annual capacity of 1 million tonnes of phosphate fertilizers has also set a goal for the Company to process local raw materials into the most popular and marginal products for the Brazilian market.

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