EuroChem continues wastewater treatment investments

Earlier this year, Novomoskovskiy Azot began implementing its new wastewater treatment program. With investments amounting to RUB 1.5 billion, the program will run through 2015 and targets a reduction in effluent emissions by:

-reducing water intake from the Shatskoe reservoir and increasing recycled water consumption; as a result, consumption and effluent discharge are to decrease by 300-400 m3/h.

-increasing intake from the mill’s wastewater retention pond. This measure will reduce intake from the Shatskoe reservoir by a further 1,500-2,000 m3/h., while reducing particle discharge by 15,000 t/year

-increasing consumption of recycled water. Increasing water usage from the plant’s treatment facility will cut back on Pronskoe reservoir intake and effluent discharge by 1,500-1,800 m3/h.

Additionally, EuroChem is implementing the Novomoskovsk Pure Water program, a similar project designed to reduce the mill’s freshwater consumption. It is designed to substantially reduce the mill’s water intake by increasing its use of recycled water. Tula Governor Vyacheslav Dudka, EuroChem CEO Dmitry Strezhnev, and Vadim Zherzdev, Head of the Administration of the Novomoskovsk Municipal District, signed an agreement last year to increase the recycled water intake by fitting the plant with a closed-loop water system. Under the terms of the agreement, EuroChem will install a biological wastewater treatment system which will favor the use of recycled water and permit the city to increase its intake of drinking water.

Over the last three years, Novomoskovskiy Azot invested about one billion roubles in environmental protection, effectively reducing effluent discharge by 676.4 thousand cubic meters.

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