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EuroChem introduces advanced surveying technology at Kovdorskiy GOK

EuroChem announced today that its Kovdorskiy GOK subsidiary acquired and put into operation a Leica HDS4400™ laser scanning system. Representing investments of RUB 5.8m, the state-of-the-art mine scanning system is only the second unit in Russia and the first ever to be used in the northwest for surface scanning during mine surveying operations.

Operating at a speed of 4,400 points per second, the Leica HDS4400™ laser scanner calculates target coordinates and creates 3D scene models. Its fundamental distinction from the laser tachymeters operating at Kovdorskiy GOK is that the point data are captured automatically from a range of 700 meters, which is twice as far as the previous surveying units. The reflectorless technology will help minimize risks associated with setting up a reflector, a clear advantage when working in a mining environment.

The system is specifically designed for open pit and quarry surveying and stockpile and excavation reconciliations.

The surveying system will be complemented by Geomix GIS computer software that can accurately compare the actual mine slope with its design. Precise slope design is critical to the construction of the super deep Zhelezny open pit mine, which is part of Kovdorskiy GOK’s investments programme running up to 2015.

The equipment is designed to operate at temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius, without any risk to surveyors thanks to its remote control unit. The staff of Kovdorskiy GOK’s surveying department benefited from on-site and classroom training to work with the Leica HDS4400™ laser scanning system.

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