EuroChem IT department offers training to peers

The success and progress of EuroChem’s IT department is attracting more and more attention.

This was further highlighted during a recent visit of EuroChem offices organized for fellow IT professionals. Following a tour of the offices, the guests took part in a Q&A session with EuroChem’s IT team.

The recent company-wide switch to the Mac OS X platform required a uniform system which integrated all management levels, including ERP, BI, IFRS accounting, and 1C, logistics management among others. The resulting E-corporate program, especially designed by the EuroChem IT team, has been gathering the interest of IT specialists.

Another interesting project was the design of a business simulation game for EuroChem executives by the Company’s IT Director, Vladimir Chibisov. The management simulation fully covered all the specifics of working with the information system, with a particular emphasis on such issues as closing deals and handling procurement properly through distinct and clear examples.

Commenting on the visit, Vladimir Chibisov, EuroChem IT Director, said: “EuroChem has operations throughout Russia, which somewhat complicates logistics and accounting. That is precisely why we pay a great deal of attention to information technology; we use the most advanced resources available and implement our own products as well. We try to take into account the analysis needs of all the company’s departments: from marketing to the corporate finance. The results of our work didn’t take long to be known and we are ready to share our experience with our colleagues.”

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