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EuroChem launches new NPS-fertilizers production

EuroChem-BMU has completed pilot tests for the production of mineral NPS fertilizers with elemental sulphur. The first 4-kiloton batch of sulphur-containing fertilizers will be supplied to the Russian market.

Along with nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P) and potash (K), NPS-compounds include elemental sulphur – that is one the most significant nutrition supplements, as required for plants growth. The advantage of using oxidized sulfate sulfur is that plants are better able to absorb nitrogen and phosphorus, as well as other essential minerals. The release of sulfur improves the entire life cycle of the crop without the need for reapplication, resulting in increased yields for soils with poor sulfur concentrations.

Soil sulfur deficit is one of today’s key agricultural challenges, caused by over-cultivation of arable land areas as well as the use of concentrated fertilizers with no sulfur component. The production of NPS compounds rectifies soil sulfur deficit, improving both plant root system and immunity.

Sulfur-based products have proven their agrochemical efficiency in a series of field studies held in China and in both North and Latin America.

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