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EuroChem launches new Phosphate R&D Center

Based on a ProTech Lab corporate R&D Center, a new pilot testing laboratory has been launched

EuroChem has announced the launch of its new Phosphate R&D Center. The Center was developed to provide prompt responses to site queries and client requests while contributing to cost savings associated with the development and implementation of new process technologies.

The Centre will support a range of applied operational and production-related tasks, and its primary role is exploring optimizations and improvements for raw phosphate rock processing (including rock grade variations). It will also research plant capacity increases via wet-process phosphoric acid and phosphate fertilizer production; the reduction of operational expenses while improving fertilizer product grades, as well as pilot testing to prove the efficiency of future investment projects in this field.

The new testing laboratory is fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to simulate the whole operation and production process – from phosphate rock processing to the final product. The center’s research engineers will practice process operations and develop recommendations to be implemented at the production site. Pilot testing of various operational modes will enable the Company to reduce production and operation losses thanks to technology updates and re-engineer tasks that accurately simulate the conditions and environments of brownfield projects.

The opening of the EuroChem Phosphate R&D Center is an integral part of the Group’s  development strategy in the field of phosphate fertilizers. The Company is building an expert community, and has created a dedicated university (Phosphorus University) that brings together experts in research and development, as well as in production and marketing. New R&D centers are being established at Company sites, such as BMU and Phosphorit. However, the focus of these sites’ activities is generally on project scaling, pilot runs, and results integration into production and operation processes.

“EuroChem’s phosphate community is now facing an ambitious scientific and technological challenge that will allow us to take our business to the next level and develop more advanced products for our customers,” said Oleg Shiryaev, President of Eurochem Group.

EuroChem is one of the leading mineral fertilizer suppliers globally, with its own phosphate, nitrogen, potash, NPK and water-soluble fertilizers production facilities. The Company produces more than 2.6 million tonnes of phosphate fertilizers annually.

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