EuroChem offers a new fertilizer for farmers in the south of Russia

EuroChem presented its new Sulphoammophos compound fertilizer at this year’s YUGAGRO international agricultural exhibition in Krasnodar.

Produced by EuroChem-BMU using a unique technology, this new fertilizer for the Russian market offers greater crop yields with a reduced environmental footprint.

Composed of nitrogen, sulphur and water-soluble phosphorus, Sulphoammophos is a promising product for the Northern Caucasus and the South of Russia, where approximately half of the arable land suffers from sulphur deficiency. With proven yield gains of up to 15%, the use of Sulphoammophos is expected to find rapid acceptance in the region.

Sulphoammophos is easy to apply and improves crop quality by increasing the protein content of grains and the oil content of sunflower seeds, soybean and rapeseed. It contributes to the healthy growth and development of plants, and extends the shelf life of products.

YUGAGRO is the biggest agricultural trade fair in Russia. This year marked the 21st edition of the annual event which brought together 613 companies from 31 countries and more than 10,700 visitors.

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