EuroChem Places US$ 500m Eurobond

Zug, Switzerland, 7 July 2017 – EuroChem Group AG (“EuroChem”, “Group” or the “Company”), a leading global fertilizer company, announces that it successfully returned to the international debt markets with a new US$ 500m Eurobond issue.

Andrey Ilyin, EuroChem CFO, commented, “We tapped the market to reduce our funding costs as well as bring down refinancing and interest rate risks. It was a successful deal thanks to strong investor support and the collective efforts of our team and bank coordinators.”

Alexander Gavrilov, Deputy CFO and Head of Corporate Finance, added, “In addition to extending EuroChem’s debt maturity profile beyond the initial revenue streams from the Group’s strategic investment projects, this transaction will allow the Group to modify its financing profile, such as to reflect interest rate expectations.”

On 15 June, the Company initiated a three-day roadshow including investor meetings in Zurich, Geneva and London, complemented by a global investor call. While market volatility prompted the Company to postpone the offering following the roadshow, the emergence of more constructive market conditions on 27 June provided the management team with a favourable execution window.

Following the release of initial price guidance in the 4.375% area for a new 4-year Eurobond offering, the orderbook response allowed the Company to revise price guidance and price a new benchmark US$ 500mn Eurobond offering at 3.95%. The Eurobonds are listed on the Irish Stock Exchange.

Citigroup and J.P. Morgan acted as Global Coordinators for the issue. Joint Managers and Bookrunners were (in alphabetical order): Citigroup, Credit Agricole CIB, J.P. Morgan, Sberbank CIB, Société Générale CIB and UniCredit Bank.

This was the second time the Company approached the Eurobond market in the last twelve months. In October 2016, the Company completed a tender offer for its outstanding Eurobonds due 2017 and a simultaneous new issue to finance the purchase of the notes under the tender offer.

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