EuroChem sets up R&D center

EuroChem announced today that it has established the EuroChem – Scientific Research Center (EuroChem-SRC). Located within the Mining Institute of the Kola Science Center of the Russian Academy of Science, EuroChem-SRC is a partnership between EuroChem (53%) and Kovdorskiy GOK (47%), and will be headed by Russian Academy of Natural Sciences member Yury Bryliakov, D.Eng.

The creation of a specialized research division will allow EuroChem to further develop mining and beneficiation technologies as it expands its raw material asset base. EuroChem’s R&D efforts will be implemented across the Company, including to Kovdorskiy GOK, and are expected to bring operational improvements and enhance apatite, baddeleyite and ore concentrate properties. EuroChem-SRC was established by decision of a EuroChem Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders.

EuroChem is one of the world’s top ten agrochemical companies by capacity. Vertically integrated with activities spanning from mining to logistics and distribution, EuroChem focuses on nitrogen and phosphate fertilizer production and holds licenses to develop potash reserves in Russia which entitle it to the fifth-largest volume of proven and probable potash reserves globally.

Its main production assets include the Nevinnomyssky Azot, Novomoskovsky Azot, Phosphorit, EuroChem – BMU, and Kovdorsky GOK facilities in Russia and the Lifosa plant in Lithuania.

For more information please visit or contact:

EuroChem Investor Relations
Olivier Harvey
+7 495 795 25 27 (1519)

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