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EuroChem starts MAP production in Brazil

Serra do Salitre, EuroChem’s new phosphate complex, has produced its first batch of MAP fertilizers.

According to Bernardo Silva, Executive Director of the Brazilian National Union of Feedstock Industry, the EuroChem project in Serra do Salitre is of strategic importance to Brazil. “Expansion of local fertilizer production will not only strengthen the drivers of the Brazilian economy and agricultural industry but will also shield our country from market volatility and current geopolitical risk”, said Bernardo Silva. 

The water-soluble MAP fertilizer is a highly effective source of nitrogen and phosphorus in a plant-accessible form. Complex water-soluble fertilizers are in particular demand in Brazil, given the stable growth of the agricultural industry, while 70% of the country’s fertilizers are imported. With a 15% share in output, the Serra do Salitre complex is set to meet domestic demand.

After full ramp-up, EuroChem’s new plant in Brazil will produce one million tonnes of phosphate fertilizers a year. In March 2024, Brazilian President Lula da Silva inaugurated the complex.

Oleg Shiryaev, EuroChem Group President, commented on the first shipments, “The new complex is the Group’s largest international production project, built upon the engineering experience and expertise we have developed when delivering other large-scale projects. Over the last few years, we have launched several greenfield potash and ammonia operations and continue to invest actively in enhancing them and in the social infrastructure.” 

The launch of Serra do Salitre complex and extensive own distribution network have made EuroChem the biggest mine-to-farm fertilizer producer in South America.

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