EuroChem to begin food-grade CO2 production in Russia for Coca-Cola systems

Zug, Switzerland, December 21, 2018 – EuroChem Group AG (“EuroChem” or the “Group”), a leading global producer of fertilizers, announces the start-up production of food-grade carbon dioxide in Russia.

A state-of-the-art production facility, representing an investment of nearly $7.5 million by the Group, has begun start-up operations today at EuroChem’s Nevinnomysskiy Azot nitrogen plant in southern Russia.

The high-quality liquid CO2, produced at a capacity of 32,000 tonnes per year, will be supplied primarily to the carbonated drinks sector, with Coca-Cola systems among the customers.

Regulators in Russia’s food and beverages industry require food-grade carbon dioxide to be 99.98% pure. EuroChem’s product surpasses that level, measured at 99.99%, a level of quality that is guaranteed by a $500,000 monitoring system installed at the plant.

The production facility at Nevinnomyssk employs CO2 purification technology developed by world-class engineering firm Union Engineering, based in Denmark, while the quality-control systems were developed in Germany and ensure the final product surpasses the toughest European (EIGA) and international (ISBT) standards.

The carbon dioxide produced at Nevinnomyssk will also be supplied for the manufacture of dry ice, for use in greenhouse plant nutrition, and as a fire suppressant, among other uses.

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