EuroChem to build wastewater treatment facility in Kotelnikovo

EuroChem announced today that its EuroChem-Volgakaliy subsidiary will build a wastewater treatment facility at the site of its future potash mining and processing facility. At a cost of 100 million roubles, the first phase of the project involves the installation of a storage pond and a pumping station.

Only contractors capable of implementing the AGAR® Process (Attached Growth Airlift Reactor), an innovative biological treatment process yet to be used in Russia, were selected. The equipment is specifically tailored to be used during the plant’s construction and subsequent ramp-up to full operational capacity, as output can be increased by a further 1,000 cubic meters per day. Representing investments of half a million euros, the lifespan of the equipment is deemed unlimited when properly serviced.

The climate in the southwest of Russia, where EuroChem-Volgakaliy is located, limits the amount of freshwater available for manufacturing processes. The installation of a closed loop water cycle will considerably reduce both the water intake from natural sources and the volume of wastewater effluent.

The installation of this wastewater system is part of EuroChem’s environmental protection policies designed to reduce the environmental impact of production processes.

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