EuroChem to fund upgrade of Kotelnikovo water main

EuroChem announced today that it will allocate RUB 10 million for the upgrade of part of Kotelnikovo’s water main. The funds will be used on a 3.5 kilometer section of the main connecting the Tsimlyansk Reservoir to Kotelnikovo.

The water main, Kotelnikovo’s only source of water supply, as been in need of capital repairs for a number of years. Repairs to the section will be carried out with limited inconvenience to residents as the city’s water supply will be assured by storage tanks until the section of the water main has been changed. The repairs are scheduled to be completed sometime in late 2011.

The repair work on the water main will be performed in accordance with a trilateral social and economic partnership and cooperation agreement signed between the Volgograd Regional Administration, the  Kotelnikovo District and EuroChem on March 4, 2011.

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