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EuroChem to invest $32 million in environmental protection activities at the Phosphorit plant

On January 25 in Kingisepp, the management of OAO MCC EuroChem and the Phosphorit industrial group met with the public and the media of St. Petersburg and Helsinki. The Company provided a detailed update on its business operations and implementation of environmental projects.

Over the past 10 years, the Phosphorit plant has invested over $43 million in environmental protection activities, which has enabled a significant threefold reduction in emissions into the atmosphere and to water runoffs by 7.5 times.

EuroChem’s Strategic Program for Environmental Protection and Ecological Safety anticipates that between 2011 and 2015 the Phosphorit plant, which is a part of the EuroChem Company, will conduct a large-scale reconstruction of treatment facilities and will continue measures to reduce discharges into the Luga River.

Altogether, four major investment projects are to be completed on the territory of Phosphorit by 2015, with total investments of $32 million. In addition to the modernization of treatment facilities, there will be a renovation of the phosphogypsum storage facility, conversion of wet-process phosphoric acid production into the hemihydrate mode with the decommissioning of one of two operating sections, as well as the elimination of slurry tank pads No. 1,2.

During the visit by members of the public and press, wastewater at the point of release into the Luga River was sampled. The sampling was carried out by experts from the eco-analytical laboratory of the Central FBU Center for Laboratory Analysis and Technical Measurements (TsLATI) in the North-western Federal District, which is a part of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources. The trip concluded with a visit to the industrial effluents neutralization and purification department’s laboratory.

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