EuroChem to upgrade Kovdorsky facility

EuroChem announced today that its Kovdorsky GOK subsidiary will invest in excess of RUB 97 million to implement a series of measures to upgrade its production processes and equipment, increase production efficiency and further enhance environmental protection.

The key measures include the upgrade of both the apatite hydrocyclones and the electrical power supply of the flotation section. Investments will also be made in the main gas lines for the hot water boilers, the heating plant, and the heavy-duty vehicle service center. All the projects are scheduled to start this year and will be implemented so as to minimize equipment downtime.

The upgrading of the apatite separation facility includes the installation of 16 GTS-140K and 22 GTS-71K hydrocyclones and the fitting of Remaline™ 35/CN wear resistant lining material.

These investments are estimated at RUB 25.6 million.

More than RUB 18 million will be allocated to modernize the power supply of the flotation section. The TMZ-1600 kVA oil type power transformers will be replaced with 2,500 kVA dry type power transformers equipped with switchboard and automatic circuit breakers, state-of-the-art controls and bus ducts to the transformers.

The reconstruction of the main gas lines for the heat and power plant represents investments of more than RUB 12.8 million. The overhaul of the gas lines will help decrease thermal energy production costs and cut emission leakage from the outdated piping. The use of heat-resistant steel pipes with anti-corrosive inner coating will prevent premature wear of the equipment.

A further RUB 12.5 million is dedicated to the heavy-duty vehicle service center #3. Put into operation in 1978, the service center was designed for 80 tonne BelAz heavy-duty vehicles.

Today, the center is used to service BelAZ, Caterpillar and Komatsu haul trucks with payload capacity ranging from 120 to 144 tonnes. The new flooring will include a 140 cubic meter sand layer, concrete reinforced with 300mm rebars and Mastertop 100™ surface hardener. The upgraded facility will be able to accept haul and mining trucks with payload capacity of up to 160 tonnes.

The replacement of outdated equipment put into operation in the 1980s will considerably improve the efficiency and reliability of the production process while cutting down operating expenses.

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