EuroChem upgrades Kingisepp medical laboratory

EuroChem announced today that the P.N. Prokhorov polymerase chain reaction (PCR) laboratory of the Kingisepp central regional hospital was officially reopened following renovations undertaken with the support of EuroChem. The company donated 17 million roubles toward the repair and purchase of new equipment.

The new laboratory was inaugurated by Alexei Kovelenov (MD), chief of the Leningrad Center for Infectious Disease Control and Prevention and Associate Professor of Infectious Disease at the S.M. Kirov Military Medical Academy in St. Petersburg, Vladimir Erlykov, Executive Director of Phosphorit, Viktor Geshele, Head of the Kingisepp District Administration, and Sergei Sobolev, the Medical Director of the central regional hospital.

Sergei Sobolev commented: “We now have the possibility to conduct in-depth studies on latent infections that could not be detected using traditional methods.”

PCR is currently the most accurate method for the early detection of infectious diseases without resorting to time-consuming microbiological methods. The opening of the PCR laboratory is a significant event for Kingisepp residents since until now the detection and analysis of infectious diseases could only be carried out in St. Petersburg or in private clinics.

EuroChem is also sponsoring the construction of Kingisepp’s hospital pharmacy. Three years ago, the company purchased a CT scanner for the hospital.

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