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EuroChem’s liquefied carbon dioxide receives international food safety certification

The Company has announced that its food safety management system for the production of food additive – liquefied carbon dioxide – at Novomoskovkiy Azot has successfully passed a certification audit and has been recognized as compliant with the ISO 22000:2018 international standard.

The certification verifies EuroChem’s holistic food safety culture approach and ensures market access for products.

The food safety management system’s development was possible thanks to the participation and contribution of a wide range of Company employees responsible for various disciplines and activities, including: quality management, air separation and site utilities, and the combined quality control of Novomoskovkiy test house and technology development.

In 2022, Novomoskovkiy launched a modern and high-tech liquefied carbon dioxide production unit capable of producing 4 tonnes per hour and with a product purity of 99.99%. This unit allowed the plant not only to produce up to 32,000 tonnes of finished product per annum, but also reduced its negative environmental impact by utilizing the greenhouse gases generated during ammonia production.

Liquefied carbon dioxide has a wide range of applications across the food industry, and there is a ready market of producers of mineral water, sweet carbonated drinks and dry ice located in the Russian Federation’s central region.

Recognized as an international standard in the food industry, ISO 22000:2018 outlines the requirements for a food safety management system and defines the criteria for identifying possible food safety hazards

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