Phosphorit investment projects

EuroChem announces today that its Phosphorit subsidiary will proceed with the overhaul of its industrial measurement and monitoring equipment. The Kingisepp-based phosphate fertilizers and feed phosphates producer will invest a total of RUB 26 million to upgrade equipment by the end of this year.

The equipment upgrade will include the freight scales used for the commercial registration of goods and the apatite dosing unit of the defluorinated feed phosphate (DFP) shop. The flow gauges of the phosphoric acid dosing units, which are used during DAP manufacturing, are also included in the overhaul.

Additionally, measures are being taken to improve the control and management of the defluorinated feed phosphate and sulfuric acid production processes. These include the installation of thermal imagery devices in the DFP shop and an automated control system for the sulfuric acid shop’s pumping facility #32. The automated system will provide the necessary level of performance control while improving labour conditions. The thermal imagery devices, which are used to control surface temperature distribution, provide valuable information on ring formation, heating, burnouts, and the state of the calcining kiln’s refractory bricks. The information is then processed to assist in maintenance planning and to improve technical operations control.

In accordance with the latest industrial safety requirements, project documentation is currently being drawn up for the overhaul of both level and pressure gauges at the mill’s liquid ammonia storage units.

The investments also foresee the replacement of outdated radioisotopic devices at the wet-process phosphoric acid and DFP shops.

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