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From the farm

Sweet smell of success

From a Malaysian fruit farm, the whiff of reliable harvests

Our people

EuroChem Talent Pool

EuroChem makes fertilizers. But to make fertilizers, first we have to make the talent that makes them.


Innovation matters

We need to drive innovation, develop better products, and strive for excellence in all we do.

Health, Safety and Environment

Working safely at heights

One area of particular concern is making working at height safe and effective.

Health, Safety and Environment

EuroChem Clean Water Program

Investing in water conservation and efficiency measures across our plants.

Health, Safety and Environment

Road Safety

Improving driver behaviour and road safety.

Health, Safety and Environment

Emissions reductions

Working to reduce emissions at our plants worldwide.


Stakeholder engagement

Our commitment to driving sustainable creation is at the heart of everything we do.


EuroChem Cup

Our annual international ice hockey tournament for children aged 10-12.